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Diamond embroidery

Diamond embroidery (mosaic pictures) is a modern popular craft, which allows you to spend your free time interesting, creative and useful. These pictures are similar to the embroidered jewelry beads: they spark and shine with different stones. Image is surprisingly realistic and the work done masterfully.
Diamond mosaic is for the home craft. It is very similar to ancient Greek and Egyptian mosaic, made of small stones, smalt and ceramic tile the size of a bead. It’s wonderful hobby, something similar to meditation (alike Buddhist monks that create pictures from the sand) and also it’s a chance to create a unique pictures that nobody else has. br>
Mosaic picture kit’s composition

The kit includes canvas with symbolic scheme, on which the adhesive base is applied; mosaic with shiny acrylic of different colors, decomposed in separate packages in number that is necessary for the given picture; bowl and special tweezers.

Mosaic technique

In essence, the mosaic for the handcraft is the diamond embroidery: rhinestones (mosaic) have 9 or 13 facets and and they are glued to canvas on a special pattern. And it doesn’t matter which side of the stone will be glued to the basis.
Rhinestones are similar to the brilliants (processed diamonds) and can be square or round shape. Variety of colors and shades make it possible to create realistic pictures of a nature, animals and colorful landscapes.
Picture is applied to a fabric canvas, that is covered with a thin layer of glue which is in its turn covered with a protected from drying film. The scheme is divided into elements corresponding to the size of the stones. The numbers of packages are corresponding to the stones’ colors on the scheme. Each stone is being stacked down to the canvas in accordance with its color.

Tips for making picture mosaics

Mosaic composition is a painstaking activity, which includes small details, that is why when you’re making the mosaic, especially, when the lesson of composing it is given to children, it’s important to make sure that stone are not lost, because there are exactly as many stones as necessary for the picture to be completed.
Each package includes the exact amount of rhinestones for each color, that is why it is important to stick to the color’s notation keys while making diamond embroidery.
It is recommended to make the mosaic at a daylight or good desktop lighting.
Work on diamond embroidery picture takes just few hours, the mosaic has a luxury look, it will decorate any interior and will become an original gift for friends and family.