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Painting by numbers

Who did not like painting as a child? Painting is the best way for a child to understand the world around them as well as acquiring necessary motor skills, sensory perception, thinking skills, memorisation as well as observation. As we get older, we, unfortunately, often forget that painting is a relaxing way to forget about your problems as you get lost in your painting. Obviously not everyone is born an artist or has problems with proportion and choosing the right colors, however, we have done the work for you. Painting by numbers is like a coloring book for both adults and children. At the beginning painting by numbers was targeted towards children, however, after seeing both mothers and fathers indulging in painting along with their children, a larger variety of paintings were made for all tastes and ages, giving everyone an ability to create their own masterpiece.

So what does a painting by numbers set include?

It is an already stretched canvas with the painting outlines printed on it. Each segment has a number printed inside its borders with the corresponding color of paint. The given palette of acrylic paints are non-toxic, safe to use, odorless, ecologically clean and are stored in a given, comfortable to use plastic palette.

A few nylon brushes in various sizes which can be used to paint in both small and large areas on the painting.

The set is packed in a sturdy cardboard box (the size of the painting) which protects the canvas from any damage and can be easily taken with you to either a park, a holiday home, or anywhere where you will find joy in painting.

Painting sets with varied age categories

  • For kids of ages 3-4 years, paintings with large segments and a simple color palette will fit best. Paintings depicting cartoons or fairy tales. For children ages 5-11 years, we offer paintings with more smaller segments and a larger palette, thus increasing the level of difficulty according to each child’s preference and skill level.

  • For teenages of 12-15 years we offer paintings possibly with a romantic theme, like of Daniel del Orfano, symbolising their first love or simply paintings according to their own taste and interests.

  • For older youths and adults paintings with a higher difficulty and smaller segments will help release stress after a long day and dive into a world of art and beauty.

Like all art, painting by numbers are divided into categories:

  • Still life (paintings depicting flower vases, fruit baskets, foods, etc). Such paintings will serve as a good decorative piece for the dining room, or as a great gift for mom or grandmother.

  • Portraits of people. Such paintings often depict historical, mythological or literary characters.

  • Landscapes, perhaps one of the most popular categories amongst adults. Seascapes, cities, or nature won’t leave anyone unsatisfied with their beauty.

  • Animal lovers would prefer animal paintings. Such paintings can be hung in a child’s bedroom or given to children as a gift, possibly leading them to be more creative.

  • Architectural landscape. Painted by Robert Finale, Robert Pageman, Louis Daguerre, amongst many others. Such paintings depict historical architecture.

Buying a painting by numbers set won’t only thrust you into the creative world and allow you to paint a masterpiece or a replica of famous paintings, it will also serve as a great gift or decorative piece for the interior design of your house. You can paint and create your own atmosphere.