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Painting by numbers, canvas size 30x40

Who did not like painting as a child? Painting is the best way for a child to understand the world around them as well as acquiring necessary motor skills, sensory perception, creative thinking, visual memory and observation skills.
As we get older, we, unfortunately, often forget that painting is an excellent way to you get lost in your painting and forget about your problems, it’s a sort of relaxation. Obviously not everyone is born to become an artist. Some find it difficult to choose the right color, combine the brushes or feel the shape of an object. However, we have done the work for you. The painting by numbers technique is here to help you and it’s appropriate both for adults and for children.
At the beginning painting by numbers was targeted towards children, however, after seeing both mothers and fathers indulging in painting along with their children, a larger variety of paintings were made for all tastes and ages, giving everyone an ability to create their own masterpiece.
So what does the painting by numbers kit include?
Canvas that is already pulled on stretcher with the painting outlines printed on it. Each segment has a number printed inside its borders with the corresponding color of paint.
Palette of acrylic paints with corresponding numbers on it. All paints are ecologically clean, odorless and neatly packaged in a plastic container.
Three nylon brushes in various sizes, which can be used to paint in both small and large areas on the painting.
All details are packed in a sturdy cardboard box which protects the kit from any damage. The kit can be easily taken with you to the trip, a cottage house, a park or wherever you would find joy in painting and get lost in a fascinating world of creativity.

Painting kits are divided into the age categories:
  • For kids of age 3-4 years we offer paintings with large segments and movie or cartoon characters. The palette of colors is simple, without complex combinatorial shades. For 5-11 years old kids we offer paintings with medium size segments and a wide range of palette.
  • For teenagers of age 12-15 years we offer paintings related to their social interests or to the romantic theme.
  • For adults we offer more difficult paintings with a lot of small segments. These paintings will help you to relax after the stressful day and get lost in the world of art and creativity.
Like all types of art, pictures by numbers are divided into genres:

  • Still life (images of bouquets of flowers, fruits, vegetables, household utensils, fowl, fish and other). Such paintings will perfectly decorate the dining room or serve as a good gift for mother and grandmother.
  • Portraits of people. Usually there are costume portrait images in the paintings by numbers: an image of historical, literary or mythological characters. Most often these are portraits of well-known people, actors or celebrities.
  • Landscapes, perhaps one of the most popular categories amongst adults. Seascapes, cities, or nature won’t leave anyone unsatisfied with their beauty.
  • Animal lovers would prefer animal paintings. Such paintings would look especially good at a children’s bedroom. They also can be a good gift for children, possibly leading them to be more creative.
  • Architectural landscapes imply the images of historic buildings and interesting buildings in the interpretation of such authors as Robert Finale, Robert Pageman, Louis Daguerre and many others.
  • Genre paintings will appeal to the lovers of history. They are suitable for electric style interiors.
Buying a painting by numbers kit not only will you get closer to the world of high art, create reproductions of famous paintings or paintings of famous artists with your own hands, but also create a unique design of your own house, make extraordinary gift to your relatives and feel yourself a creator of your personal space.