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Work of art with your own hands

Do you wish to make your own business that would bring emotional satisfaction into your life? You have an exclusive gifts’ shop and looking for innovation? Or all you want is to create a masterpiece with your own hands to become a gift for your friends and colleagues? Then you are at the right place!
One of the most desirable and in-demand gifts nowadays is pictures or posters. The point is that you can order to print any type of images. Whether it’s an image of beautiful night city to present to your boss, or romantic bouquet for the beloved, or maybe the reproduction of some famous artist’s picture to become a gift for the art lover. Effective decorations for the house cannot leave indifferent any host or hostess.
Today you have an option not just chose the picture you like, but also create the composition basing on your own ideas and preferences. Our website was created for your convenience. Here you can find a wide range of pictures of any type. These are not just pictures. The latest inventions let create pictures in a mosaic technique with help of high-quality paints (acrylic), shining acrylic stones and sparkling rhinestones which have a wide variety of colors.

Poster as a modern decoration

Do you want to add some modern style in your interior? For that reason you would definitely need posters! That word not only indicates fans’ posters, but also any images that is used with taste as a decorative design. Poster is designed to make the interior brighter. You will receive a polyester canvas with high quality image on it. Pull it on a wood stretcher and a wonderful element of decor is ready. Ordered to print posters with the image you need will link together the space of your house, decor elements and nature of the owner.
Contact us, press to order and receive the ready-made image or print it on your printer. There is a contour image of a chosen picture on the printed canvas with numbers corresponding to the colors and shades needed. To finish the picture or poster with your own hands you need to use consumables and apply acrylic paint or stones with rhinestones of appropriate colors.
Palette of tones of consumables at our store is completely identical to the number of colors on the sketches. Remained consumables can be used in the following works. Also you can use printing to order for posters of your own photos and pictures.

Attention! There are more than 1 thousand images on the pages of our website – pictures, paintings, images of animals, incredibly beautiful flowers, landscapes and so on. The collection is being updated all the time and will satisfy the most demanding artistic taste. Besides that, you can make your own sketch!

Learn more in our website and choose amazing works of art. Do your favorite art and open business that will adorn your lif!