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Billboards and posters have been the main type of ad for a long time. Besides that, they have been used for other purposes such as publishing the important information, visual agitation in offices and colorful decoration of personal images.

Types of printed images

Billboard can serve for many different purposes. It’s used for visual agitation, for advertisement, for propagation of necessary information and also for decoration of children’s parties and other personal purposes. The determination of the billboard includes variety of printed products.
Show bills remind about upcoming events (cultural, entertaining and educational). They are normally printed on the white thick paper with a high quality of the image. Show balls are normally being observed from a close distance and for that reason we take a good care of the image’s quality and save the picture regardless to the weather conditions.
Hard poster or banner is intended for placing on the buildings’ walls, windows or street banners. The image here needs to be larger and on a firm basis. The hard poster is often being varnished in order to protect the image. They can also be bilateral.
Simple poster is usually used indoors. It can have absolutely different sizes. This type of poster is precisely the most common type of product. Some people are mistaken when thinking that posters are usually used just for the advertisement. But it’s not like that.
Poster is used to spread the images of bands, singers, other famous people and buildings. Very often posters are used for private purposes. Many businessmen have already appreciated convenience and cheapness of information posters in their offices. People order posters with their favorite images of important information to their houses. Many of them make posters’ order for children’s parties, school wall newspapers, celebrations and other similar events.
Printed pictured order people that prefer to see their favorite images at a good quality. Picture can be printed on canvas, on a dense, glossy or matte paper. Customer can choose any size for the picture, but the quality of the image will still remain high, if only the original picture has a high quality as well.
You can order vinyl stickers with the desired image. Such stickers look good in a children bedrooms, living room’s interior or on the wall of public building.
Additional services
All types of printed materials can be provided in frame and glass or just in frame for additional payment. For example, fabric canvas is normally ordered with frame.
If customer can’t choose the picture, he can check the catalogue with ready-made solutions. All pictures are divided into topics for convenience of a decision making. You can ask us for help with creating the picture so that final result would be as accurate as possible.
There is also an online form for easy and quick poster’s order or printing pictures . At any time you can choose desired format!