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Why the diamond painting is attractive? Because of its volume image, bright colors, other additional effects which is really hard to achieve with just paints or threads.

Why you need to choose franchise DO YOU PAINT ?
  • Low cost  
  • The products you see are created by us. 
  • By implementing produced by us goods our company has an opportunity to lead flexible pricing policy. 
  • Any picture you sell is   advantageous   with us regardless of the volume and a total amount.  
Wide range

We offer solutions for everyone. You can find pictures of any genre starting with landscapes and ending with still life. Together with us you can recreate a masterpiece of your favorite artist, decorate your house with works that were unknown before and some zest into the house with help of original pictures.
Safety and quality

Connecting with glue crystals don’t lose their color. They don’t get your fingers and canvas dirty. The covering is stable and doesn’t react on chemical stimulus.
The canvas soaks the consistency which is completely safe for humans. This type of craft can be practiced by an allergic person without any harm to health.
What does the kit include
We provide kits that include all elements needed:
  • tweezers ; 
  • canvas with the scheme; 
  • rhinestones (placed in separate packages); 
  • container for sorting and convenient application; 
  • pencil ; 
  • instruction ; 
  • storage tube. 
Attention! The canvas is covered by a protective film from above. It doesn’t let the glued basis dry and crack. It needs to be removed gradually, only from the areas that you are working on at the moment.

How does it work

The person, following the instruction, is applying the colorful elements to create the picture. This method of picture creation is much easier than embroidery. The pattern is applied to the canvas so there is almost no risk to make a mistake. You don’t need to track the direction of the thread all the time or count the number of stitches and change the tone. But you still need to align details, otherwise there will be a gap.
That can be done by tweezers or pencil. Step by step the necessity to make additional movements will disappear because the neighboring crystals don’t let new ones locate improperly.
One kit can be done by more than one person. Ask all your family members join you and try themselves in a role of genius of needlework.


You can always order from as any missing elements, lost during the creation process or crumbled from a ready-made work. There are additional rhinestones for each kit. The range of colors is extremely wide, including 158 varieties of colorful stones. 
To choose the right color you need to follow the instruction attached to the kit. There you can find codes and names of colors. This information will be enough in order to but lost details.
The final step
To serve you for many years the ready work needs to be covered with a varnish layer and inserted into the frame. You can find a stretcher of a necessary size in an appropriate page in our website.
If you have any questions, please, contact us. With a big pleasure we will tell you secrets of diamond embroidery, will recommend you our goods depending on your gender and age.