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Frequently asked questions about franchise:

We do not have the lump-sum payment and after the first payment you will receive all the necessary parts for creating your paintings, after, you only need to pay the royalty for printing from our website. Depending on monthly printing, the prices may vary from 0,20 to 1,5 euro per print. The painting will be printed with all the outlines and segments numbered (or a colorful sticker showing the mock of the final painting)
At first you will need to purchase all the necessary parts in order to start production, this includes:
For painting by numbers:
  • Canvas : minimal pack (1 roll)
  • Stretcher bars : minimal pack 52 pieces of one size
  • Tubes of paint:minimal pack 1 tube of 300ml of one color, total of 253 colors
  • Set of 2 nylon brushes:minimal pack 200 pieces
  • Packaging : small pots for paint (1.000 pieces)

For mosaics or rhinestones:
  • Canvas :minimal pack 1 roll (polyester)
  • Base: art tablet, minimal pack 50 pcs of one size
  • Adhesive surface: double sided tape, minimum order 100 sheets of one size
  • Rhinestones: mosaics 2.5 mm in bags of 2g. Minimal pack: 2g - 50 packs
  • Packaging: cardboard packaging for sets of rhinestones - minimal order : 50 pieces

Beside that we recommend you purchase the following separately:
  • Printer Canon TM-200
  • Refillable cartridge
  • Ink for refilling cartridge
  • Staple gun or electric stapler (for securing canvas on stretcher bars)

All of these expenses will not exceed 3.500 euro.
After logging in your personal account on our website, choose an image and click “print”- after one minute the canvas of the chosen size will be printed (the size corresponds to the size of the original design/painting)

You can test a personal area to understand how it works:
login: test
passwd: test
We will set up the printer ourselves with all the correct settings. The printer must be connected to the internet via the ethernet port with an IP address, or a Zyxel Keenetic router must be installed with a connected USB modem of any phone company, preferably with a limitless tariff since one outlined canvas file takes up 500kb and a colorful canvas for rhinestone paintings takes 23mb.
We supply all our partners with instructions and lessons how to make a painting by numbers and paintings with rhinestones/mosaics from photos. You can create your own paintings from photos and upload them to our website for printing from your personal account. These paintings will be available only to you.
After that, you can upload the artwork in your personal account, where in few minutes we will make the canvas numbering. Cost of the service 1,5 euro.

You can also use the services of our professional designer, who will make you individual artwork and designs. Cost of the service is 15 euros.
The monthly cost is calculated automatically depending upon the amount of paintings you print. The cost is calculated using this tariff:

from pcs. to pcs. Price, per print

Summarizes the printing of any canvases (paintings by numbers, paintings by mosaics, paintings with rhinestones)
Yes, on the tubes and on 3 ml pots there is the same exact marking as on the canvas, so you can use the remaining paints in other paintings with the same colors.
The canvas itself will have a symbol, that symbol will have a corresponding rhinestone/mosaic color which will be numbered according to 253 colors palette. Any left over rhinestones/mosaics can be used in other paintings as well.
  • Boxes made of micro-corrugated cardboard with full color printing. Price: 0,60 - 0,80 euro.