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Franchise DO YOU PAINT ?

Did you already know that “Painting by numbers”, “Painting with rhinestones” and “Painting with mosaics” are successfully selling? Does your store have an extra 2m² that can be used to start production of a business idea which many will find interesting?
In any case, this offer might interest you since it allows, with minimal investment, to organise and set up a station for producing custom order paintings which will be printed on canvas for: “Painting by numbers”, as well as sets of “Painting with rhinestones” and “Painting with mosaics”. This whole process will take up to a day to organize, and you can begin completing your orders on the following day.

We offer our partners to use unique technology of printing a customized DIY set from scratch to finished product, which we have developed ourselves and will provide for you. The process of completing a chosen painting requires only a couple of minutes and can be done right in front of the customer.

Clients are free to choose a painting of their liking from our vast online catalogue, which can be printed on the canvas and assembled very quickly, with the provided necessary materials for completion which include acrylic paint, brushes, canvas, packaging, and/or tools for mosaic paintings (small bags of rhinestones or mosaics- depending on the client’s choice). It is unnecessary to invest money into a warehouse to store all premade paintings, which eliminates extra costs drastically.
All you will need to have is the provided necessities which can be used to assemble any chosen painting, either custom or from the catalogue. The palette of acrylic paint which we have created is universal for creating and assembling any paintings by numbers.

Cost of the franchise:
for production painting by numbers: 1.500 euro.
This price involves everything necessary (paints of whole palette, containers for paints, stretcher bars of all sizes, cotton roll, brushes, packaging, stickers, tool for stretching the canvas, instruction and access to server for creating your own paintings)
Printer for printing on the canvases is bought separately (700 euro)

In the case that you want to additionally produce paintings with rhinestones or painting with mosaics: additional charge is 1.500 euro.
This price involves all the necessities: (rhinestones and mosaics of all colors, canvas roll, tool for picking up rhinestone/mosaic beads, adhesive surface, packaging, stickers, instructions and access to server for creating your own paintings)

So you can book with us the special accessories, if necessary:
  • Cotton canvases (roll 20 meters - 24 euro)
  • Plastic paper (roll 20 meters - 30 euro)
  • Stretcher bars (up 0,6 to 1 euro)
  • 244 colors Acrylic paints (300 ml tubes) - 3,5 euro/tube
  • 244 colors Mosaic stones 50 bags 2 grams of each color
  • 160 colors Rhinestones 50 bags 2 grams of each color
  • neylon Brushes for painting (1 set - 3 brushes)

  • Full franchise information: DOWNLOAD