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Information on terms of cooperation:

  • After payment for franchise you will receive all of the necessary parts for the painting sets.
  • Printer for printing on the canvases is purchased separately.
  • Training of personnel on how to use the printer on all the necessary settings is done in one day.
  • Any user can send a picture just click “print”, this is done from our website and is very easy.
  • We will connect your 3 printers necessary for work to your account: a printer for printing on canvas, a photo printer for printing A5 photo sticker on a box (with design of a picture, manufacturer's information, barcode, etc.) and a thermal printer for printing stickers with paint numbers for 3 ml pots
  • The canvas will come out already sized either 30x40, 40x50 or 40x60.
  • The canvas can be stretches easily as the stretcher bars can be easily assembled without any special tools.
  • To fit your canvas on the stretcher bars can be done with a stapler, the whole process takes about 3-4 minutes.
  • Our image database has over 5.000 paintings and is expanded daily.
  • Each size of the picture by numbers can be printed in 5 additional sizes (with an increase in the size of the picture)
  • To sell paintings from the main catalog, you will need to agree on "points of sale" in your personal account. There are no restrictions on the designs made by youself
  • You can create and add your own images to the website and print.
  • You can add any image to the shared database
  • You can order a mock image of your own painting which will be completed in 1-2 days.
Since our paint palette is universal, the color used in one painting may be used in another as well.

This means:

  • Any leftover paints can be used in your other painting as well
  • If a client runs out of a specific color he/she can order that specific color.