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We have created a gallery of over 5.000 paintings which is expanded daily as new images are put up on our website. You only need to login on our website,  choose a preferred image and click "PRINT". Within one minute, the pattern of painting (outlines numbered with the corresponding paint number) will be printed on your printer. For this service we charge only the cost of printing.

Canvas roll printing (30x40, 40x40, 40x50 and 40x60cm) - up 0,20 euro to 1,5 euro to print one image

The monthly cost is calculated automatically
from pcs. to pcs. Price, per print

All printed painting are taken into account including : (painting by numbers, painting with diamonds, and painting with mosaics) You can pay for these costs in your personal area. Also, for your comfort we offer a pre-payment service, you just pay beforehand without having to worry later.

Lump-sum payment

The first payment is 1.500 euro as the company doesn’t exactly have lump-sum payments. This price includes everything you need to start your own production of painting by numbers, (the full acrylic paint palette, containers for the paints, stretcher bars of all sizes, a cotton canvas roll, a roll of polyester canvas, instrument for diamonds/mosaics, instrument for stretching the canvas, instructions and access to server for creating your personal paintings and uploading to website.)

For producing paintings with diamonds and mosaics, the first payment is 1.500 euro. This price includes all the necessities for making diamond or mosaic paintings : ( full palette of rhinestones and mosaics packed into bags, adhesive surface for canvas, polyester canvas roll, instrument for diamond/mosaic painting, packaging, stickers, instrument for stretching the canvas, special tool, instructions and access to server for creating and uploading your own paintings.)

*printer for printing on canvases is purchased separately (700 euro)

Beside this: All paintings of size A4 are located on the public server and payment for printing those is not required.

Children’s paintings of diamonds or mosaics can be downloaded and printed for free on a normal printer (size A4 paper)