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The description of product’s ordering procedure:

We also give to the retail customers the opportunity of buying any product you like from our web site. To buy our products from our web site you need to:
  • choose the products from the web site catalogs
  • press the “Quick order” button
  • there will open the form on the web site where you need to leave your contact information and delivery address
  • also you can press the “Buy” button and add the product to the “cart”
  • after you finish choosing the products, open the cart and press “Make an order”
  • then you need to choose for your order the type of delivery from the listed ones
  • then choose the type of payment from the listed by system
  • check all the ordering data correctly once again and press “Confirm” button
  • your order is formed, you can pay by the chosen type of payment and wait for the delivery.
Delivery conditions: 
  • the courier delivery fee is counted automatically when you make an order on the web site
  • you can calculate the delivery fee for you country, when making the order on the web site, by choosing the type of delivery – the UPS and correctly indicate the delivery address or selecting the customer pickup location in your city. 
  •  in case there is no DPD companies among the delivery service companies in your city, we can send your order by “UPS and DHL”. In this case we send only the products that have been paid in advance on the web site. 
Delivery to Europe:
  • Delivery is provided by the delivery service companies as UPS
  • Cost and delivery time are being counted when you make the order
  • There will be 1-2 extra working day for the delivery which are needed to provide and register the order at UPS
  • You can pay by cash when receiving the order at the customer pickup points
  • You can pay by cash when receiving the order, delivering “to the door” by the courier 

Delivery by UPS and DHL:
  • The delivery is provided only to the regions that don’t have any branches of DHLand UPS
  • The delivery is provided by UPS and DHL
  • Only orders paid in advance are being delivered 
  • You can receive the order only at the post station

Sale, payment and delivery are based on the Agreement offer.