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Diamond embroidery is a work of art made by your own hands

Each of us has heard about different works of art, which were used as a decoration of a palace interior a hundreds of years ago. One of the commonest decoration types is a mosaic painting.


Mosaic or Diamond embroidery is a popular type of visual art. With help of it you can create incredibly beautiful pictures, which can be assembled from ordinary stones, smalt or ceramic tiles.
Those kinds of pictures are very original and perfectly fit into the interior of any apartment or country house, office, café or restaurant. Besides that the mosaic is resistant to unfavorable external factors such as the light, temperature difference, high humidity. That is why it will not lose its brightness and will stay without changes for many years.
Mosaic pictures creation by yourself
Do you think it’s impossible to create the mosaic picture with your own hands? You are mistaken! It’s very simple and easy to make the work of art by yourself. And there is no need to be trained for these purposes or to have some extraordinary skills. Mosaic pictures are easy to make with use of special kits in which you can find everything necessary for work and creativity. These craft kits you are able to buy at our store at a very reasonable price.
Main details
The mosaic kit is a box or tube with the corresponding image on it. There are all necessary materials and instruments inside the box. There you can find:
  • the basis with a scheme for facilitation of the image creation;
  • deposit of a color mosaic;
  • tweezers;
  • containers for sorting ;
  • detailed instruction.
Features of the technology

Basis. That is the main detail of the picture, because with help of it you can gather and fix the mosaic. There is a scheme on the basis, which is clear both for adults and for children. The scheme is divided into many colorful sectors which include notation keys. The mosaic need to be applied in accordance with these notation keys. Their transcript is in the instruction.
The basis is covered by special glue which is covered by a protective film. Glue is getting dry very quick so the film needs to be removed immediately, but gradually. Not to be confused we recommend remaining in one zone until finishing it and then move to another one. In case if the fixator dries you can cover the top of the basis with a usual adhesive for plastic.

Which is the first step?

It’s easy! You need to place the basis on a solid horizontal surface such as a table or floor. Then gradually fill the canvas with the stones offered. It is better to put stones into a container and take them out with the tweezers one by one.
All mosaic’s details have clear edges, that is why the readymade picture is being called diamond embroidery. And even though the details are made of plastic you can see the picture sparkling under the sun as if it was made of diamonds.

We offer a wide range of mosaic kits. The variety of pictures and fairly low prices cannot leave you indifferent.