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Pictures with rhinestones is an original decoration for an interior made with your own hands

Pictures with rhinestones is a new original direction in creativity and interior’s decoration. With help of a kit that you can find in our store at a very reasonable price you can create unique and beautiful composition, which will give you a joy not only to you, but also your friends.
Creating the picture with rhinestones is incredibly fascinating activity, which would like both adults and children. This type of activity fully reveals creativity and let spend your free time with pleasure. The ready-made composition will become a unique decoration of absolutely any premises.

The technique of creating diamond pictures

How can you create a picture with rhinestones or a diamond painting? It’s easy! The basis with background is already prepared and all you need to do is just come across with contour drawing. But there are more complex options where you lay out both picture and background.
All necessary details and instruments are in the kit so that you wouldn’t think where and how buy it. To create sparkling picture you absolutely don’t need any special skills or extraordinary knowledge. There is a detailed instruction with full description inside the kit.
Work made with your own hands will become the best gift for friend or a family member and also will perfectly fit absolutely any premise.

What does the diamond painting kit include?
  •  basis with a scheme of the image on it;
  • colorful rhinestones;
  • container for rhinestones sorting ; 
  • plastic painting;
  • tweezers and liquid glue.
All this you can find in a cardboard tube along with the instruction.

The basis, where the scheme and notation keys are marked, should be placed on a flat horizontal surface. You can find the transcript of natation keys inside the instruction. According to this scheme you need to be as accurate as possible while moving from the edge to the center and paste the rhinestones of the desired color. For convenience you can place small portions of rhinestones into the small container and pick them up from there with tweezers or pencil.
The basis is covered with special glue above which protective film is placed. The film must be unstick gradually, not all in once, in order to prevent glue’s fast drying. Using the edge of the pencil very accurately press on the adhesive plate then take a rhinestone and place it on the basis. You need to place so that one segment of the scheme will be closed. All the rhinestones are being placed in this way.
Remember when you make a break from work, the adhesive layer needs to be covered with the film. The rhinestones will be fluid on a basis within 24 hours, that is why it’s not recommended to touch them until they completely dry. For more solidity you can use glue that is included into the kit. It is applied to the joint of the rhinestones after the work is done.
You can but the diamond paintings from us. We offer a big variety of kits and pictures, among which you will definitely find something for yourself especially when our prices are low and affordable for everyone.

Diversify your life and give yourself a shining picture that you will make yourself!