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Gallery painting by numbers, mosaic and diamond painting

There is no better way to relax and forget about everyday responsibilities than to indulge in painting. Painting not only expands your creative horizons, the end result can be framed and hung in your house as a decorative piece or can serve as a great present for friends or family. Even if you have doubts in your art skills, it is not an excuse to restrain from pursuing this hobby: all you have to do is buy any DIY set

What is painting by numbers?

It is a set containing all of the necessary materials needed to create a real painting, which includes:
  • A canvas which is completed with an outline of the whole painting, divided into areas of different colors of paint which will be written on the paints themselves.
  • A set of brushes and paints
  • An instruction
  • A colored sticker showing the end result
  • Parts for hanging the completed painting on the wall
  • If necessary- additional elements, for example, rhinestones. 
How to paint

Painting by numbers has many elements of a child’s coloring book, with the exception of the end result looking as if a real artist painted the painting. In order to create a painting which you will not be ashamed to hang on the wall, you only need to carefully paint within the borders of each color area, which will have a corresponding color of paint. The amount of shades in each painting is determined by the difficulty of the image, however the average number of paints is about 20-25.

Themes and Variations

Paintings by numbers are divided into the following categories: normal paintings, mosaic paintings and rhinestone (diamond paintings), additionally decorated with rhinestones. As for the themes, those can are unlimited which gives each painting the opportunity to be hung in any room in the house, starting from the living room to your child’s bedroom.

Endless possibilities.

One of the most popular themes is romantic paintings which portray couples which twirl in their dance, are sitting in cafes or walking in beautiful alleys in the autumn with falling leaves.This category also includes beautiful nude women. 
Another popular genre is landscapes - either of cities or nature, as well as seashore panoramas. You can choose a painting that will fit well with your interior design, choosing the correct color palette. Still life paintings have an abundant amount of bright colors which undoubtedly are pleasant to the eye, such paintings are usually chosen to decorate kitchens or dining rooms. Animal paintings, especially of cats, dogs and horses would be appreciated by all animal lovers. Paintings with a festive theme, much like Christmas and winter paintings are a great gift for older kids, and images of younger children would be a great gift for mothers. Since our varitety of paintings is quite large, you can not only get realistic paintings, you can also purchase paintings depicting a fantasy world or mythology. Besides all of those options, you can easily buy a replica of a famous painting and paint it yourself, like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” for example, along with many others.